See The Ponies On The Ride

09 Mar

ImageImage       “It’s only a ride”……. we here at OTA have heard this Bill Hicks mantra near about one too many times. True enough, we suppose… was only a ride for the poor black guy in Texas who was beaten, tied up and dragged behind a pickup truck at 60 MPH until he died a few years back….it’s only a ride for Bain Capital’s captain Mitt Rmoney or the Carlyle Group’s UberFurher GHW Bush too. The Ride in future days will have no First Class seating, no AC to filter out the radioactivity, Bioweapons detritus and stench of death and destruction that will infuse the Nuclear Winter skies and we will all have to carry and account for every molecule of our own baggage and we will ALL have to pay the same fare. Some people’s “Ascension” will be only another less “enlightened” person’s culling. No matter, all perspectives will feel the hot fetid breath of the  Horses on their necks when the Ride decides to take them as passengers…..yeah it’s only a Ride… where?   ……..0Just Another Rider-Gregg Allman   ….

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Posted by on March 9, 2013 in The Ride, War On Terra


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