You Can’t Unring The Bell

17 Mar

Life on Earth is the most brutal thing a Soul can endure, Overlaid on your Human meat puppet, for a period of time that ranges from a few seconds to maybe 125 years max, you are strapped in for a mother of a hellride/fun house for Soul Building 101. Stripped of all memory of your prior Immortal existence (and also your immortal  powers) you are injected blindly into a new existence (with no manual) to learn all the lessons and deal with all your Karma issues as you inch your way to perfection, incarnation by incarnation. Earth is the home base of a Cosmic Navy SEAL Training Camp. It ain’t supposed to be easy, and we are all given the choice to either ring the Bell (drop out of Soul building) or grit our teeth,dig in and continue on our path. Eventually we get tired of ringing the bell and we move on up in the Spiritual food chain as we complete the course, lessons learned and all our debts paid. It could take thousands, maybe millions of incarnations to grow to that state of being. When you don’t ring the bell…….you don’t have to come back unless you desire to do so. Immortals do walk the Earth today, waiting for it to become time to lift the veil. You won’t be in any danger of hearing any bell-ringing from them.

Life in the Foodchain-Tonio K



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